NanoDLP General

NanoDLP is a host and control software for SLA / DLP 3D printers.

Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available.

Why choose NanoDLP?

  • High performance solution with no noticeable delay on Raspberry Pi for basic functionality.
  • Feature rich slicer with dimming, hollowing, infill, mask and AA support.
  • Large number of features.
  • Compatible with wide range of platforms and hardwares.

How it works on Raspberry Pi

  • Accessible by connecting to Raspberry Pi through a web browser.
  • Accepts STL, SLC, SVG or PNG files as input.
  • Output the images on HDMI port of Raspberry Pi.
  • Controls Z-Axis, Shutter and other hardwares.

Improve Print Quality

  • Anti-aliases
    • High performance and quality anti-aliasing algorithm will increase quality of your prints.
  • Pixel Dimming
    • Use same cure time for any piece
    • Prevent overcuring for large sections
    • Extend PDMS life
  • Correcting Lens Distortion
    • Correct barrel distortion caused by projectors' lens with AA support.
  • Hollowing 3D structures
    • Automatically empty/hollow inside 3D objects.
  • Apply 3D Infills
    • Automatically apply infill structure to 3D objects.
  • Customize Light Source
    • Automatically adjust light strength using light source life.
    • Customize fill area color

Print Efficiently

  • Mask Support
    • Multiply mask over whole plate to have even light over whole platform.
  • Mask Generator
    • Generate mask easily using light sensor and web based interface.
  • Blackout
    • Remove any part of the plate during printing.

Print Faster

  • Dynamic Cure Times
    • Calculate cure times for each layer based on their position and other properties.
  • Dynamic Speed
    • Dynamically increase/decrease speed based on fill area of layer.
  • Custom Acceleration
    • Custom formula based acceleration and deceleration for direct control

Format Support

  • Advanced STL Slicer
    • Handles missing triangles
    • Holes
    • Flipped triangles
    • Skip orphaned and duplicate triangles
    • And shells
  • STL / SLC / SVG / PNG Support
    • Auto center pieces
    • Multithreaded
    • Optimizes number of cores based on current load
    • Low memory usage
    • Resin Usage
  • Additional Features
    • Remote slicing - Offload slicing to a paired NanoDLP machine
    • Preview layers at anytime
    • USB storage support for plate upload
    • Export plate

Additional Features

  • Z-Axis Calibration
    • Move your z-axis motor manually
    • Auto measure z-axis length
    • Auto z-axis calibration on startup with endstop
  • Projector
    • Turns on/off the projector automatically through USB2Serial Adaptor
    • Cut-off signal to force projector into standby without adaptor
    • Display Calibration Images
    • Under 5ms delay for each image display
    • Change projector settings
  • Additional Features
    • Slow section and burn-in layers support
    • Jump layer support
    • Ability to Stop/Resume during prints
    • Ability to Pause/Resume during prints
    • Automatically stop on specified layers

NanoDLP Download

You can install nanoDLP on wide range of platforms/OSes including Raspbery Pi, Windows, Mac or Linux Desktop.

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