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Embedded Development

What Is Embedded Software Development?

Embedded Software Engineering is the process of controlling various devices and machines that are different from traditional computers, using software engineering. Integrating software engineering with non-computer devices leads to the formation of embedded systems. Embedded systems are typically popular in medical science, consumer electronics, manufacturing science, aviation, automotive technology. A typical embedded system requires a wide range of programming tools, microprocessors and operating systems. Embedded software engineering, performed by embedded software engineers, needs to be tailored to the needs of the hardware that it has to control and run on.


The software and operating system requirements of an embedded system is also different from a traditional computer based system. Typically embedded systems use basic embedded system software such as C, C++, QT, Python, etc. Some specialized embedded systems may use OS such as Windows CE, LINUX, TreadX, Nucleus RTOS, OSE, etc.

Leading Embedded Development Service

Leading Embedded Development Service

We specialize in firmware and embedded software design, at Coperno and we are fully capable to offer a wide range of custom embedded services to meet your specific requirements such as industrial and home automation, Telematics, M2M solutions, Internet of Things, Bluetooth, automotive embedded systems, device drivers, security solutions, RTOS porting, VOIP, Telecom, Navigation and tracking solutions, RFID & Inventory management, large industrial controllers to niche consumer electronics solutions, medical imaging, conduct feasibility study for new product development, embedded systems software engineering, as well as custom embedded system software development, performance and reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services.

Why Choose Us?

End-to-end Service

Coperno provides full cycle development — from initial analysis, requirements management, hardware and PCB design, enclosure design, rapid prototyping, to implementation, ongoing support, and continuous improvements.

Long-term Partnership

We are committed to a long-term strategic partnership and provide professional and cost-effective services at any stage of a project, system or device life cycle.

Mature and Focused Team

Coperno’s Embedded Systems Department is a strong team of seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in firmware and embedded application development, as well as profound practical knowledge of a wide range of domains. We guarantee that only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects.

Systems Thinking

To be able to deliver a high-performance and reliable product, we pay close attention to each and every detail of the solution, making sure all the system components are seamlessly interconnected and the system architecture is coherently optimized.

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