We provide convenient, on-demand application & software support services using proven methodologies to ensure your business succeeds.

Software and Application Support

Businesses use a variety of applications and software every day. Coperno provides technical support to a wide range of packaged software deployed in these businesses. This relieves IT departments of some of their load as the remote technical support team takes over the tasks of responding to users with differing levels of technical skills and a spectrum of support issues.


Application Support Analysts


Application support Analysts support IT services delivered to users within an organisation, enabling the required business processes needed for the business to be successful. By default it means they enable people to execute their responsibilities within their relevant business processes.

As such, they are dealing with people both on a business level and IT level of understanding; they act as the technical point of contact to fix their application and systems issues, or incidents as they are known, that disrupt the service they depend upon. Remember these are production (live) issues and need immediate attention to resolve. They need Application Support – the Analysts deliver that need in the form of a SERVICE.

Software Support Covers:

Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Application Development Tools

Application Development Tools

Remote server services

System Software

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