Team Tracking on field

  • Central dashboard for managers to track people on the field
  • Effective communication with your team from web and mobile
  • Performance monitoring of the team members
  • Track location of your team to optimize field jobs
  • Detailed reports on your team location span, coverage & flow
  • Check-in & check-out control/better management of the work force
  • Time of delivery handing performance
  • Find teammates near you to optimize work items
  • Group massaging and broadcasts for important updates
  • Issue tracking code for delivery companies

Traffic data collection & traffic Jam notification

  • Tracks your daily route & daily traffic
  • Tracks impending, accident, construction & breakdowns along the way
  • Warns you with pop-up notification
  • Will automatically suggest alternate routes
  • It will also let you know if everything is clear

Location base smartdashboard

  • News based on location
  • News based on their personal interest
  • Usual route traffic details
  • Weather forecast
  • Integrated shopping experience
  • Promotions based on their locations
  • Social activity suggestions based on current location
  • Following websites with they are interested in
  • Put location based reminders
  • Find closest service station or bank, etc.