Network Monitoring Solution

We facilitate your business by providing the right tool for different expertise within your organisation from top level managers to technicians. Our wide range of tools vary from network topology and map overview to detailed graphs with SLA violation alarming features.

Our comprehensive and precise reports, comparisons and top lists of network KPIs enable network owners to promptly decide on expansion, optimization and troubleshooting of their network avoiding any additional or unnecessary Capex and Opex.

Various visualization methods are available for different users

  • General overview of the network health status designed for network owners and managers.
  • Detailed graphs and comparisons for engineers and technicians to troubleshoot the network.

Access Control List (ACL)

Supporting ACL ensures security in terms of accessibility and modification limitation. Moreover, it allows network owners to provide KPI visibility to the companies that buy or lease services and thus building a reliable and transparent relationship with their customers.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Detailed graphs, multi axes comparison charts and top lists
  • Automatic topology and map drawing
  • SLA violation alarming features
  • Data acquisition protocols and methods
  • Multi vendor equipment support
  • Linear scalability and requirements
  • Customizable

NMS Business Intelligence (BI) Extension

Based on customer’s request, we provide two groups of custom BI solutions as an extension to Argus deployment

  • Network abnormality detection using data mining techniques
  • Predicting network resource exhaustion in a timely manner and locate bottlenecks

We also provide Data Discovery solutions by integrating different data types from other sources

  • Comparing bandwidth usage to revenue by mapping bandwidth usage to revenue data such as XDR and CDR files
  • Collect data from GNEs and NEs to map radio traffic data to IP level data